Hey GPP fans, thanks for coming back for our newest episode!

Was Awesome a week late posting this? Yes he was. Should he be flogged for it? Some people would probably say yes. Is he sorry that he has left you all hanging? Oh yes he is!

No need to fear though! He has been properly re-educated in the necessity of getting podcasts up on time and will not be slacking again any time in the near future!


Question/Poll results

Nerd News

Games (Video, Board, Card, Etc)

PokéMon Go

Nintendo Stock Jumps 20% In a Day Thanks to Pokemon GO, Adds $7.5 Billion in Value in Two Days



Queen of Katwe


Apple likely to sue the man who uploaded how to repair MacBook videos on YouTube

Google Project Ara


The Elements by Tom Jackson

Kink News

Dominatrix Accuses Airbnb Of Banning Her

It Took More Than 30 Years - and a Divorce - for Me to Discover the Sexual Side of Myself

New condom design after 70 years

Kink of the week to discuss - Butt plugs

Events - San Diego comic con

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