What happens when you leave Greedy and Awesome in charge of the podcast? We find a little and a middle, give them lots of sugar and tell them to talk into the mic!

This episode is all about littles, middles, bigs, age play and how they go in the kink world. We have Pouty, Giggles and Hoops as our guests this go round and they have plenty to say on things!

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Enjoy episode 23 you kinky folks!


Kink of the week to discuss
Age Play, Daddy Dom/baby girl, ABDL

  • What are littles
  • How long have you been in the lifestyle
  • Have you always been a little?
  • How does your dynamic work
  • How is being a little different than age play?
  • Being a little in a vanilla relationship
  • First experience as a little

Kink Education - https://www.domsub.life/
Book: #NSFW: Totally Naughty Coloring Book by Lady Cheeky. Art by www.SheVibe.com

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