In this episode of Lala's Land (sponsored by Heckler's Handiwork) Lala backs us into some anal issues with Steel Brat Pacis and AnemicPrincess

On the Gotham Press Podcast, we introduce our newest host to the podcast and welcome Steel Brat Pacis back as a quest to talk about The two giveaways he and Anemic are going to offer to the listeners for their Little/Pet Class.

Our Kink/Fetish of the Week: Gags: a form of mouth bondage and medical play. 
Gags come in many forms, but ball gags are the most common. They may also take the form of bit, cleave, pacifier, penis, or spider gag, among others. Mouth gags aren’t usually dangerous, but they can be uncomfortable. Make sure to fit the gag properly to your (or your partner’s) mouth.
Types of Gags: Cloth or silk gags, ball gags in different sizes, metal gags (including Jennings Hinge and Ratchet), spider/ring gags (which have the O opening), Molt gags which are based on a forceps like design that has rubber-coated ends, Canine/Vet Gags, Insertable gags, inflatable gags, and bits.
Dental retractors pull back the skin and don't have anything to do with the teeth.
Claw Hook Mouth Spreader. 
Caution: Be wary and knowledgeable of the muscle and skeletal structure of the jaw.
Start with 4-7 minute scenes and progress as able to the desired time. 
Be careful of gag reflexes. 
Grunts, bells, flashing drop safeties, etc. can be used in the place of safety words if hands are bound. 
Some useful videos to watch that are in no way associated with us:


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