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2 Trigger Warnings (Molestation) from 00:44 until 01:32 and from 08:24 until 08:50. Purge siren will sound before each. 

On this episode of Lala's Land (sponsored by Heckler's Handiwork) Lala gets to the nitty-gritty with Greedy. 

On The Gotham Press Podcast Thief's phone rings after he boasts about having already silenced it before the mic check. This is why that little part is included this week.

We talk about Cassandra Peterson (Mistress of the Dark) who recently came out about her 19-year lesbian relationship.

Greedy lets us know that there is a national blood shortage and is asking for blood rituals. Go donate if you're able to!
Click here to find out your nearest donation centers. 
Thief gets educated by Anemic in regards to who Tom of Finland is which brings us around to talking about Fetish Art. What do we define as Fetish Art? Who are some of our favorites? From Traditional such as painting, drawing, zines, to Comics to FetLife creators, music, and beyond. 

Our Kink/Fetish of the Week: Bastinado, also called falaka or falanga, is the practice of beating or whipping the soles of the feet, usually with a cane or a rod. It originated in the Middle East or in China as a form of corporal punishment.
Bastinado can be intensely painful – the soles of the feet have lots of nerve endings – and dangerous too, as the feet have many tiny bones that can be easily broken if the person wielding the cane isn’t careful.  Whipping the feet has deep psychological triggers for many people as well, especially in certain cultures.

Some of the Fet Life photographers mentioned in the podcast:

JustaLibertine from Greece. Thief's favorite photographer on Fet and elsewhere. Amazing use of light and shadow and great artistic eye. Dark surrealism? 

Throughmyeye from Germany. Great black and white (majority) rope and suspension photography with a smidge of sadist spin. 

Powidok is a Polish photographer with a great eye for subtlety and light. 

JohnMilton from Dallas, TX is a great underwater photographer. From his Profile, "Through my formal studies, I have explored thoughts and ideas surrounding the art of letting go. Letting go is a strong corollary to D/s relationships. It is in this realm I love to create."

ReflectiveDesire is a "Seattle-based AMAB GQ top-leaning switch, rubber pervert, photographer, and general weirdo." 


Patreon/FetLife/Discord/Facebook/BDSMlr/Twitter/YouTube/Spotify/Kandi's Sweet Box: 805-303-1173


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2 Trigger Warnings (Molestation) from 00:44 until 01:32 and from 08:24 until 08:50. Purge siren will sound before each. 

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