On this episode of The Gotham Press Podcast Extreme (with more spice) Greedy and Captain talk with missleopard and Reverend_Pickle and also welcome to the podcast a Licensed Clinical Social Worker named Christine to answer some questions and help the hosts in their search to find some much-needed talk therapy. 

Captain awkwardly leads the conversation into talking about the Chucky TV series from the Child's Play movie verse and the new trailer. 

The gang dives into talking about the upcoming What if? animated series from Marvel while Greedy shows everyone a picture and Leopard sidetracks the convo into Loki love.

Captain watched Black Widow and tells us his opinions and voices his disappointment with the lack of nerdiness on the podcast lately. 

Christine answers some questions about telehealth and therapy from the hosts as well as the kink community. 
If you need help or would like to begin the journey to a better tomorrow, you can find Christine here: 

Captain reads a book called Mindfucking Mindfully: A Guide To Mental Manipulation For BDSM And Sadomasochism by Sir Ezra Algos.


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