Pride and Prejudice

On this episode of The Gotham Press Podcast, Lala, Greedy, and Thief dive into Pride!

Lego unveils its first LGBTQ set and we want them! 

We talk about some lesser-known facts about the Stonewall Riots

We talk about Oleander Pride and some other things taking place locally (Bakersfield, CA). 

We dabble in the debate between who belongs at a Pride event.

We also try to answer the question, "Is Poly under the LGBTQ+ umbrella?"

We makeup 13 "Condom Myths" on the spot and then talk about 13 Common Myths about BDSM

We discuss coming to Vanilla events wearing more than vanilla attire.

Heckler's Handiwork is having a sale!

Also, we are apparently all open to being bribed, so do your worst!


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