The Brats

On this episode of Lala's Land (brought to you by Heckler's Handiwork) Lala has some questions for Sirs_Blue 
On The Gotham Press Podcast this week we talk about cleaning our sex toys and some of the ways in which we do so.

On the Gotham Press Discord, there is a giveaway going on from JW Paddles where they are going to give away a paddle to the person who guesses Lala's gift correctly before she opens it on the next episode. 

We also talk about switching while in a Dynamic: How does one manage their top and bottom headspaces while around both their top and bottom partners? How can this be incorporated into play/group scenes? How do you stay in the right headspace around the right partner? What factors have to be met to get you in that top or bottom headspace?

Our Kink/Fetish of the week: Hypnotism: in an erotic situation, hypnosis could be a form of consensual nonconsent. 


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