We’re In Shambles!

On this episode of Lala's Land (sponsored by Heckler's Handiwork) Lala talks sex with LeIncredibleNoms

On this episode of The Gotham Press Podcast, we are in shambles! Complete and utter shambles. So far off the rails, there are no longer any tracks anywhere to be found. Who are we? Who are you? No one knows but let's talk about anal!

Lala calls Noms, "a good boy" one time and he's never the same for the rest of the night.

Greedy needs your help listeners. He needs a name for his Studio Stuffie. Also, Lala rips his heart out in this episode as well, so send condolences in the form of Patreon subscriptions. 

LeIncredibleNoms tells us about his personal experience with transitioning his marriage from open to polyamorous.

Thief asks the gang for some help with a friend's problem of wanting to find subspace but always ending up as the top. 

Our Kink/Fetish of the Week is a Two for One special as we discuss Face fucking and facesitting. Face fucking: an extreme form of blowjob where a man roughly fucks a partner’s mouth. This kink isn’t inherently dangerous, but it can be uncomfortable and lead to tears, gagging, and even vomiting. 
Facesitting: the act of a woman sitting on a man’s face while he performs oral. Facesitting can include mild suffocation but doesn’t have to. It’s incredibly dominant.


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