Ready for your next dose of kinky nerdy fun? Here's the latest episode hot off the internet presses! Greedy and Fiend are running the show this time as Zeolist and Leopard were off at Disney and Awesome was down celebrating his first full year in Cali by seeing another podcast(cheater)!

No worries though! Even with low numbers we bring you the best podcast around for your nerdy and kinky needs!

The Gotham Press


Nerd News
Shout out to Cody Vrosh - http://codyvrosh.com/

Games (Video, Board, Card, Etc)
  • The “Indebted” series by Pepper Winters 
  • Screw the Roses Send Me the Thorns by Phillip Miller 
Kink News
  • Listener suggested topic - What fetish do you love? Which one are you really wanting to finally try? Which is a total turnoff and on your major "RED! No Way!" list?
Kink of the week to discuss
  • Total power exchange 
Kink Education - www.twistedmonk.com
Events - Dom Con LA may 18th to the 23rd - http://www.domconla.com/
Polls- Which con would you like to go to and what toy would you like in your Easter basket. 
Greedy’s perspective on being in a D/s relationship from the sub side of things. 

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